Build a Blog in 30 Days (Business Edition)

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Build a Blog in 30 Days (Business Edition)

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This book will take you through the step by step process of creating a business blog from concept to launch. Each day tasks you with completing an element of creation.  Whether you are creating a blog to build your business from scratch or adding a blog on to your existing business website, this book will make it easy and quick!

Topics covered are:

Defining your "Why"

Who is your "client/customer"

Finding a domain

Social media handle selection

Tips for working with a graphic designer

Blogging ethics

Content creation

Secret Pinterest inspiration boards

Building a community

Finding a tribe

Product Photography staging

Launch week preparation

Blogging keyword glossary

and much more!

If you are ready to get on the fast track to being a building your business through blogging, this book is your ticket!

I want this!
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