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Captain Human the Robot is a zany ride along with our eponymous hero as he sets forth on an adventure to follow a treasure map that leads him atop a sperm whale, into the territory of an ornery pirate, and eventually into an existential discovery that will change your life.

This 8 page book is an adults only trip, and it's messed up enough to make anyone with a heartbeat laugh hard enough to beat the band. The art is by Jin Chan Yum Wai, with colours from Eliaz Constantino. I wrote the dialogue and the story was constructed by Jin and myself through a good chat. The art came in first and then I dropped the words on it - Marvel method, if you dig.

My hope is that this book makes you laugh, and maybe we'll have more in the future. But for now, feel free to really enjoy this book for free. It's here to be sampled and enjoyed. If you want to kick in any cash, go for it, but there is no need at all to feel obligated to do so.

If you dig this book please feel free to tweet/facebook/share/chat the holy cats out of it.
  • Enjoy the PDF Cap Human insanity.

  • Size
    3.51 MB
  • Length
    12 pages
  • Enjoy the PDF Cap Human insanity.
  • Size3.51 MB
  • Length12 pages
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Captain Human the Robot - After Hours Edit

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