Boogie-Woogie - Danny Moynihan

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When dealer Art Spindle discovers a late and unknown Mondrian masterpiece in private hands, he thinks he's about to make the deal of a lifetime. But in the cut-throat, incestuous world of that bastion of capitalism - the New York art scene - nothing is ever going to be that easy.

The characters in Danny Moynihan's satirical comedy of manners dance in a series of interconnected scenes: run-ins with manipulative dealers, ruthlessly honest artists, delusional butlers and despotic millionaires - but who will win the race to find the hottest new artist, the most talked-about show, the most outrageous sexcapade, the most important sale?

When the novel first appeared in 2001, The Observer said: "Moynihan's first novel is spectacular stuff: a frothy yet dark fiction about the New York art scene. It's fast, snappy, funny and sick ... The writing is as clean and clinical as Hirst's medicine chests, but never dull." The Times Literary Supplement said: "This is a mature and very funny satire. ...Moynihan has an assured control of narrative and dialogue...and plays teasingly with chronology. ...(A) flamboyantly funny novel." The accolades were many, and Boogie Woogie is still funnier – and more daring – than just about anything that’s come since.

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Boogie-Woogie - Danny Moynihan

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