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Make Money Online Flipping Textbooks on Amazon

With thousands of profitable books, Jungle Recon provides online arbitrage opportunities all in one list that's updated daily.

Jungle Recon is Free Forever

After signing up for Jungle Recon, you'll get immediate access to our list of books. Every day when the list is updated, you'll receive a notification so you never miss an opportunity.

Buy Books Low from Merchant Fulfilled Listings

People and businesses selling books from their residence or place of business will often sell at a much lower price than the Amazon Prime option. You can purchase these books at that low price and sell them much higher.

Sell Books High Using Fulfilled by Amazon

People are willing to pay much more for a book that has 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime because they need the book now. You can sell the Merchant Fulfilled book you purchased for cheap at a higher price when you ship the book into Amazon using Fulfilled by Amazon.

Profit the Difference

There are many opportunities on Amazon alone to double or triple your investment using online arbitrage. By buying low and selling high, you can take the profit and use it to expand your business or build a passive income.

Textbooks sell at very high velocities in January, May, and August following the start of a new semester at most universities. By purchasing in the offseason, you can find plenty of discounted books when demand is low that will command a much higher price later on.

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