Photo Album Stack - Promote 4 Houses a Week ($400/week)

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Take a look at your friends’ list on Facebook. What does pretty much everyone have in common? They post pictures! People are drawn to visual images. I am going to show a technique that skyrocketed my engagement on Facebook! 

You likely already enjoy posting photos to your wall, why not do it in a way that strategically positions you to get more clients! Here’s how it works:

Most people post one image on their page, but this is slightly different. You are still going to post the images, but you are going to post them into the SAME album every time. 

You need to post 3 or 4 at a time so that Facebook will lay it out in a cool way that displays all four new images. Every photo you post of course, starts out with 0 likes, comments and shares. 

The album, however is different! Anytime you post new photos to the same album, the album will show the cumulative likes, shares and comments to the overall Album. 

This is NOT the sum of the likes on the individual photos, however. The cool thing is that the likes, shares and comments grow every single time you do this, especially when you boost the post.

The Service:

  • I'll post 4 houses (minimum 4 images per house), using the strategy above, each week to my City specific Facebook Page. (Lethbridge, Calgary, Edmonton), or to your own personal page if you make me an admin.
  • I'll also promote (using Facebook ads) each house  to explode the exposure of each house! ($1000 of the $1500 will be used as the ad spend each month!!!)

This is a fun, easy, PROVEN way to grow your engagement, and ultimately your income with the power of Facebook.
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Photo Album Stack - Promote 4 Houses a Week ($400/week)

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