Postcards from Lepari, by Rob Haines

Rob Haines
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Listen close, madame; let me spin you tales of the greatest city of modern civilisation, the culinary capital of the world: Lepari!

Sip your brandy, monsieur, and together we'll explore the twisting backalleys and catacombs, and the tangled motivations of the city's inhabitants. From bloodthirsty chefs lurking in the shadows, to mighty mechanists in their towers of clockwerk, to simple folk just trying to make a living however they can.

Download includes:
- 102-page PDF ebook containing the text of all eighty Postcards from Lepari stories, plus the Christmas tale 'Vidocq & the Thief of Joy', accompanied by eight original illustrations by Jenny Haines.
- mp3 audio files of all stories, read by Rob and Jenny.

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