Economorphics: The Trends Turning Today into Tomorrow

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Over the next twenty years, the world as we know it is going to change in innumerable ways: it is like the whole thing is a giant chessboard, except that the pieces are not just getting shifted around a board. Instead, they are flipping through the air, and changing their patterns and colors and landing looking completely different than they did before. All of the economic pieces are morphing into something else.

In Economorphics, you are offered a guidebook to these changes and the ways that you can make them work for you. Did you know that we are in the midst of a new wave of mobility, the likes of which we have not seen in a century? Do you know what the demographic window is – or when it will open and shut in your market? There is a growing middle class in much of the developing world – what does that mean to you if you live in the developed one? And what about interest rates – what do the long term trends say for investors?

In clear, entertaining prose, Nazareth outlines the biggest trends that will shape the next two decades. You need a strategic plan – whether for your business, your portfolio, your career or your life. The starting point is understanding the Economorphics – so make sure you do, and take control of your future.


Linda Nazareth is an economist, author, broadcaster and speaker. The Senior Fellow for Economics and Population Change at policy think-tank the Macdonald-Laurier Institute she is an expert on demographics and trends, and speaks frequently to business groups, translating big picture trends into information they can use for their own strategic planning. 

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Economorphics: The Trends Turning Today into Tomorrow

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