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Experience Your Call To Greatness.

Visionary Mind is not about being good or great in other's eyes. It's about your relationship to yourself. You'll discover honor and vision as forces of consciousness, and you'll learn how powerful and natural it feels like to be guided by them.

As you do the special exercises in this program, you'll see a vision that calls to you so deeply that you simply can't ignore it. You'll come into such deep alignment with your unique vision, you'll experience your "call" to greatness--inner greatness.

Unlike other programs, you won't get any advice or "answers" from some authority figure. Instead, this program is comprised of provocative questions, tools and exercises that take you on an inward journey that is all your own.

It's not about motivation, discipline, goal setting, visualization or anything with which you're already familiar . And it's not religious or New Age. No matter what your beliefs or what discipline you practice, this program works to get you more deeply connected with your self, your values and your vision.

The result is the freedom and power to follow your vision to the ends of the earth.

"The VisionForce program was like this light that was missing in order for me to see my path and give me clarity that I was totally missing in my life... it has literally changed my entire outlook and how I choose to live my life... I can't recommend this program highly enough." - Julie Cochrane

Though originally sold for $297 + shipping, we're now offering this program on a sliding scale, because we don't want your financial situation to stand in the way of you being powerfully supported in bringing forth the vision of your heart at this time.

Choose your price between $127 and $277 (free shipping) depending on your economic circumstances.

In this professionally recorded program, Michael Skye gives you a beautiful introduction to the VisionForce work, including the Inner Conflict Diagram, a powerful tool for your visionary journey.

Here's a list of some the benefits participants have experienced with Visionary Mind:

Grace and Ease - many participants experience themselves now being in action naturally and without struggle.  They experience themselves easily acting on the things they used to avoid, without any need for motivation, discipline or extra effort.

Freedom From Guilt - The exercises in Visionary Mind work to re-orient our minds from guilt-avoidance and fear-avoidance to honor-centered and love-centered.  There is a great freedom that is experienced as guilt is removed from the picture.

Renewed Hope for Humanity - Most of us have deep rooted assumptions about human nature and life itself that make us fundamentally doubtful, distrusting of ourselves, others and our future.  

Power - Participants experience a sense of coming home to their power.  The feeling of honor they learn to create and feel inside Visionary Mind gives them an access to natural power.

Creativity and Courage - The experience of vision inside this program opens up new paths that "call" to you.  For example, many find themselves leaving their current job to follow their heart and start a career or a business they are passionate about.

Honor - Imagine regarding your responsibilities in life, not from a place of obligation, but from a place of sacredness.  Honor is a feeling that is felt as you come to redefine your relationship to your values in a sacred way.

Financial Breakthroughs - Not the least of the benefits commonly experienced by participants is dramatic breakthroughs in their financial life or business.  Some to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars inside just a few weeks.  (Of course, everyone's experience is different and your results will depend entirely upon you.)

Sense of Purpose / Heroic Vision - Many of us find ourselves waiting in life.  We're looking for our purpose or searching to find that one perfect opportunity, when all we ever needed was a vision that called deeply to us.  You get that inside this program--a vision that calls you into swift action.

Wisdom - The concepts and tools in this program give you insight into yourself and others on a systems level.  With tools such as the Inner Conflict Diagram, you'll come to better understand the dynamics that shape our choices in life.

Now you can choose your price between $127 and $277 (free shipping) depending on your economic circumstances.

Here's what you get with your order today:

The full 8-week program on Audio CDs, professionally recorded by Michael Skye coaching you step-by-step through the powerful VisionForce technology. 

100 page, 3-ring binder Workbook, with comprehensive checklists, worksheets and assignments designed to guarantee your success. 

10+ Hours on MP3 of Michael Skye coaching participants through the live version of this program (VisionForce 101).  

"Over the past 15 years I've participated in many personal development workshops both on and offline and in my opinion there's no other program that comes even the slightest bit close to the life altering concepts and tools revealed in VISIONFORCE 101!  I highly recommend [it] to anyone who wants to live with any real clarity, power, accuracy and conviction!" - Alexander G., Financial Consultant, Miami, FL, USA

Plus these 3 Bonus audio trainings to complement the program:

  • Entrepreneurial Vision [MP3] - Why do great entrepreneurs seem to have a power that others do not? Learn their thinking process.
  • Art of Verbal Integration [MP3] - Learn an invaluable skill for accelerated learning and powerful self-coaching
  • Secrets of Staying Awake [MP3] - Gain advanced practices for self-mastery and living at the level of vision.

  • You'll receive the full 8-week program professionally recorded on Audio CDs, the 100-page 3-ring binder Workbook, 10+ hours of Michael Skye coaching participants (MP3), 3 Bonus audio trainings, and Free Shipping.

  • Full Program Value
  • Bonus Value
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  • You'll receive the full 8-week program professionally recorded on Audio CDs, the 100-page 3-ring binder Workbook, 10+ hours of Michael Skye coaching participants (MP3), 3 Bonus audio trainings, and Free Shipping.
  • Full Program Value$297+
  • Bonus Value$100+
  • Shipping Value$20+
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