Meditation from the Garden (2013) instrument + organ

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Written for Matthias McIntire as the Prelude for Zion Lutheran San Francisco's 2013 Good Friday Services Composed by Kyle Hovatter (2013)

Directions for Performers

1. Play through the first 11 measures repeating each module as many times as is written above the measure (i.e. between 2 and 6 times for the violin on the first measure). Then move onto the next measure repeating that as many times as is written above. The organ and violin will deliberately move on at different rates while maintaining the same quarter note pulse.

2. Once the performer has finished measure 11 they begin again at measure 1 this time repeating as many times as the second row states (i.e. between 5 and 9 times for the violin). However they are now encouraged to improvise freely over the "changes" using the pitches and durations as a reference but not as a strict score. The violin should avoid long tones on the pitch “D”.

3. Finally the last measure is used as a coda where the violinist is welcome and encouraged to resolve on the pitches on and around “D”.

4. Throughout the work Timbre, articulation, and dynamics are left up to the performers.

5. The duration will be between 5 and 8 minutes

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Meditation from the Garden (2013) instrument + organ

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