Gumroad Ping

Gumroad Ping is a simple alert that notifies you in real time whenever one of your products is purchased.

For example, you can use Gumroad Ping to:

  • Thank the purchaser publicly on your website.
  • Generate QR codes.
  • Create an account for them on your own platform.

The ping comes in the form of an HTTP POST request to the URL that you specify in your account settings. The payload is x-www-form-urlencoded. If your endpoint does not return a 200 HTTP status code, the POST is retried once an hour for up to 3 hours.

In each request, Gumroad sends the parameters in the table below.

You can also use our API and subscribe to be notified of future sales.

You can pass unique URL parameters by adding them to any Gumroad product URL. If passed, they will show up in the url_params dictionary as seen below.

For security reasons we highly recommend that you use an HTTPS endpoint as your URL.

Parameter Description
sale_id The id of the sale
sale_timestamp The timestamp of the sale
order_number Numeric version of sale_id
short_product_id Unique identifier for the product
email The email of the buyer
url_params {'source_url' : '', 'campaignid' : 'c123', 'userid' : '456', 'version' : '1.4.5' }
full_name If present, the name of the buyer
purchaser_id The id of the purchaser's Gumroad account, if the purchaser has one
subscription_id The id of the subscription, if the purchase is part of a subscription
ip_country If present, the country of the buyer's IP address
price The price paid, in USD cents
recurrence If present, the recurrence of the payment option chosen by the buyer such as 'monthly', 'yearly', etc
variants If present, a dictionary {'size' : 'large', 'color' : 'red'}
offer_code If present
test If you are buying your own product, for testing purposes
custom_fields If present, a dictionary {'name' : 'john smith', 'spouse name' : 'jane smith'}
shipping_information If present, a dictionary
is_recurring_charge If relevant, a boolean
is_preorder_authorization If relevant, a boolean
license_key If licenses are enabled for the product
shipping_rate The shipping paid, in USD cents, if the product is a physical product
affiliate If present, the affiliate's email address
affiliate_credit_amount_cents If present, the amount paid to the affiliate in USD cents
is_gift_receiver_purchase true if a gift, false otherwise
gifter_email Email address of gifter
gift_price The price paid by the gifter, in USD cents
refunded true if this sale has been refunded, false otherwise
discover_fee_charged true if this sale was subject to Gumroad Discover fees, false otherwise
gumroad_fee Gumroad's fee, in USD cents
card Payment instrument details